First online Operational Workshop for AC units

April 30, 2020

EU funded project “Prevention and fight against corruption”, in cooperation with OPDAT and in partnership with Republic Public Prosecutors office and Judicial Academy, conducted the first online Operational Workshop for members of anti-corruption units in higher prosecutor’s office and police held on April 29th 2020. More than 35 participants attended two-hours session discussing their best practices and current challenges with COVID-19.

As done in previous Operational workshops, deputy prosecutors and police officers from Nis AC  department prepared a case study. Presented case study showed excellent cooperation between police and prosecutors during the investigation of the criminal acts as  well as challenges and problems they faced and how they overcame them to achieve successful  results.

After a fruitful discussion on a presented case, participants discussed COVID-19 challenges related to the crimes in their jurisdiction relating to public procurement, abuse, embezzlement and bribery. All agreed that special attention should be brought to this. Key experts Roman Prah, James May and Ameet Kabrawala from OPDAT-RLA, shared EU/US experience and provided thoughts on addressing these issues.

One of the conclusions of the workshop is to pursue this topic and organize a round table with all relevant stakeholders and develop a strategic approach to COVID-19 related criminal activity.

The workshop is a result of Project efforts to address rule of law issues during the state emergency caused with COVID-19 pandemic and provide continuity in its support of the AC units. This was the first online workshop delivered to AC units, but also the first e-learning course delivered using Judicial Academy platform.