Information (cyber) Security in Whistleblowing

December 3, 2020

What is and what does information (cyber) security include? What are the most common risks and threats in whistleblowing procedure in the context of information (cyber) security and how you can become the so-called first line of defense? What are the limits of protection in digital world and what is relationship between anonymity and confidentiality?

These issues were the topic of a webinar on information security in whistleblowing procedure, which was held on 3 December, 2020. The webinar was attended by authorized persons responsible to receive information relevant for whistleblowing from public institutions and organizations. The training provided insight into basics of information security principles as well as basic elements of cyber hygiene, and as such is applicable to persons from all sectors of public administration.

It is necessary to ensure confidentiality of communication between whistleblower and authorized person, in order to ensure adequate protection of identity of whistleblower. The line between our identity in physical and digital world is extremely thin and is constantly shrinking. It is crucial to be aware of what and how is indicating identity of whistleblower.

Webinar participants agreed that in order to achieve security in digital world, it is necessary to build an understanding of the basics of information security and adhere to practice of cyber hygiene on an individual level - thus protecting yourself, your institution or organization and individuals with whom you communicate.