Third Anti-Corruption Class held in Nis

December 13, 2019

Break the Chain! Say NO To Corruption!

More than 200 students of the final grades and their teachers from high schools from Nis attended the Anti-Corruption Class held in Economic School in Nis on 11 December 2019.

The Prosecutors, the police officers and the judges who are fighting corruption every day, representatives of the Anti-Corruption Agency and representatives of civil society organizations the Transparency Serbia and the Pištaljka discussed all aspects of corruption - how to recognize, to whom to report, as well as the prevention of this harmful social phenomenon with students.

In introductory speech, Marina Kostic, Assistance Mayor of Nis stressed that corruption is  threat of modern society and stressed importance of prevention against corruption.

Mr. Roman Prah, Team leader of the project “Prevention and Fight against Corruption” said that it is important to break the chain and everybody to say NO to Corruption which is slogan of the campaign.

This third educational class was organized within the framework of the project Prevention and Fight against Corruption funded by the European Union and implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia and the Republic Public Prosecutor's Office as part of the public awareness campaign on the importance of prevention and fight against corruption.

The aim of this campaign is to improve public understanding of the topic of corruption as well as understanding of prevention and fight against corruption systems and mechanisms, and the special importance is given to education of young people.

The AC Class was attended by Dragan Marincic and Mirjana Vlahovic from the Ministry of education, science and technological development, Dragan Gejo, Head of School Adiministration of Nis, Dragan Aleksic, Principle of Economic School and others.

The Anti-Corruption Classes were held in Kraljevo, Novi Sad and Nis and next will be held in Obrenovac on 17 December 2019.